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Specials available online only!

Two can dine

Two medium pizzas 4 Regular Toppings 2 Cans of pop 2 Dipping sauces

Tuesday Special (create 2 calzones) (Tuesdays only)

Any Two calzones (3 toppings) + 2 cans of pop 2 dipping sauces includ...

Tuesday Special (2 calzones from menu) (Tuesdays only)

Any Two calzones from menu + 2 cans of pop 2 dipping sauces included

Sunday Special (Sundays only)

Large 2 Toppings Pizza and 5 Chicken Wings

Pizza & Wings Combo

Perfect for Game Night! Traditional Pizza - Medium size (Choose from...

Personal Pizza and Free Pop (Pickup Only)

Four regular toppings and pop. Pickup only!

Pepperoni Pizza (Large)

My Slice Mondays (Mondays only)

Every Monday save on any Large Pizza (10 slices). Regular price is $19.95....

5 Toppings Pizza Pickup Special

Create your own Pizza.(Tomato sauce and Mozzarella are included)